Hi, my name is Alex and I am interested in the hidden and not so hidden splendor surrounding us.  I consider myself a life enthusiast and using mixed media and photography I am on a quest to share life’s beauty.

My degree is in Haute Couture and I dream of opening a boutique that integrates clothing, art and accessories.

My desire for expression comes from being surrounded by creativity in my childhood, with a  family of painters and sculptures. One of my fondest memories comes from when I was seven, with one of my siblings.  We would start a drawing by closing our eyes and using a pencil to draw a squiggle. From this line, curve or squiggle, I would draw a fantastical world, full of color and imagination.

Being fortunate to have started traveling from a young age, I feel my horizons have expanded. I was born in Bogota, Colombia, raised in NY and for the past 8 years Seattle has been my home.  Life has taken me on many twists and turns down a curvy amazing road. I am hoping that with VistaAlley.com  I can share these experiences, savoring life and sharing it with you.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I found the real Mrs Squiggle

  2. Were your drawings as amazing as this?

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