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The photographs shared today are from Sonoma capturing uniqueness by changing the perspective. Sometimes looking closely at an object or changing my point of focus I’ll  find beauty and wonder to be unearthed.

As my journey in California for now ends I find myself discovering a new path, one of observation and creation. As I continue to share with you these findings, I hope to also hear from you, your thoughts, experiences and discoveries.

Looking at world with a different angle.



Noticing materials, colors and decomposition.

I had a difficult time finishing this piece. I tried to change my composition and materials. Only when adding color did the piece come together. Yellow for warmth and sun, and red for wine and adventure.


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Calistoga Dream


I believe for many people Calistoga is a dream land. This earth, for some, exists for cultivating a harvest for their future, and for others, it’s an escape from their daily lives. For me a heavenly oasis. In this land I witnessed  the warmth of the sun, felt the cradling of the hot springs and enjoyed the skill of the people, all mixing in a liquid pour of experiences that make up Calistoga.

This one is a “gratitude tree” and there are many more in Calistoga, here you will find a “lost love”, “wishes”, “wisdom” and “parents advice I didn’t take”, tree, along with a tag for you to transfer you dreams and thoughts on to them.

A fun discovery was a water-power grist mill that was built in 1846. The “Bale Grist Mill” is full of history on the region and still works, we walked away with some stone cut cornmeal and whole wheat flour.

Warm tones of the heat influenced this piece. Also I try to expanding from facial features to body and silhouettes.




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Road Trips

Inviting destinations such as wine country and the coast lure me away from the city of San Francisco. I especially enjoy road trips along the seaside, these serve as a refreshing splash to the panorama. Along the road I find the horizon enchanting me where the highway merges into the sky. Occasionally the outings are interrupted by essential stops to admire the terrain. For this I must thank my amazing pilot,  even when I take numerous photos at what looks like the ground, pavement or dirt, he awaits patiently for me to finish taking in the surrounding.

A breath of fresh sea air and a sprinkle of saltiness on my skin.

Looking at the ground as he passes the time in the car.

Recognize the inspiration for my banner.




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