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World of Green

When I think of green the first thing that comes to my mind is trees. A forest of rich, luscious, evergreen trees. The cool fresh scent of humid earth and fresh air on my cheeks.

Hoh Rain Forest, in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Hoh Rain Forest, in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

However this color is versatile. It stands for growth, it signals “go” and it represents luck.

Also green in its varied shades can represent many things. For example Army green just like it’s name is usually related to military camouflage. Pea green is usually associated with sickness.

Then there are the terms involving the color green. The saying “green thumb” means that a person is good with plants and gardens.


The “green room” refers to a room in a theater or television studio where a person can relax before their performance.

The expression “greener pastures” and “grass is greener” are used in reference to something newer or better.

How about using green in the fashion world maybe with your accessories.

Or how about green for a giving themed website, Green Giving Tree.

What does the color green bring up in your world?

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Big announcement!

I have a big announcement! I’ve launched a small online boutique called www.SurDesignStudio.com.

As you all know I’m a big fan of art, fashion and life’s beauty. With www.SurDesignStudio.com I bring you some of that beauty by offering you pieces carefully found such as jewelry, scarves, handbags  and other accessories as well as home decoration from local and international artists.

I am also proud to announce that these unique pieces are ethically made by these artist and artisans.

Here is a peek of what you’ll find at the studio;

Flat Cube Necklace at Sur Design Studio

Flat Cube Necklace at Sur Design Studio

Flat Cube Necklace made by El Dorado Pre-Colombian Jewels a family owned business in Bogota, Colombia. Find simple elegance with this necklace.

Sage, green & beige poncho at Sur Design Studio

Sage, green & beige poncho at Sur Design Studio

This wool poncho is hand woven and dyed. Take a walk in our Pacific Northwest with this great layer for these cooler Autumn days.


Khaki Clutch at Sur Design Studio

Khaki Clutch at Sur Design Studio

From Kenya a fair trade Khaki clutch. Dress up in fall hues with this clutch and go out with the girls to one of favorite spots such as Bastilles in Seattle.  

Go check out The Studio and tell me what you think. Maybe even do a little shopping while you’re at it. 😉

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What Encircles

Part of the charm of living in the Pacific Northwest is the amazing scenic views that surround us. Just drive a few hours away and you will find yourself exploring majestic mountains, arid deserts or the humid Puget Sound. I propose we rediscover our surroundings and let ourselves enjoy what encircles us. Sometimes the allure stems from looking close up, other times the wonder is discovered by taking a step back.

Alex Mendez driving through the Cascade Mountains and finds a forest that is echoed in the sky. posted in vistaalley.com

Driving through the Cascade mountains many times the view will surprise me. Here I see the forest echoed in the sky.

Dandelion Metamorphosis by Alex Mendez. Taking a close look at a change.

Close observation of a dandelion in metamorphosis.

A ferry ride sunset from Kingston to Edmonds by Alex Mendez. vistaalley.com

A sunset that brought peace and calmness to me {And I couldn’t stop taking photos of it}. This was taken on a ferry ride from Kingston to Edmonds.

Ferry ride from Sequim to Seattle, Air Vent by Alex Mendez. vistaalley.com

The warm hues of the sun played wonderfully with this rusty air vent.

New techniques in painting an creating. Open Your Heart by Alex Mendez

I’m taking an online art workshop. Now I find myself submerged in exploring and learning new art techniques.  

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