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The beauty of routine.

The year, for me, started with many personal ups and downs. As we are almost entering the third month of 2013, I finally feel the dust settling at my heels and find myself looking forward to routine.

The simplicity of a walk in my neighborhood.

Bright red berries contrasting against blue skies, Woodinville, Washington

Bright red berries contrasting against blue skies, Woodinville, Washington.

The joy of spending time in the kitchen pouring over new recipes and concoctions.

Baking a blueberry crumb cake.

Baking a blueberry crumb cake.

The thrill of exploring my home city and rediscovering hidden and the not so hidden corners.

Pike Place Market, the alley, gum and creativity. Seattle Washington by Alex Mendez.

Pike Place Market, the alley, gum and creativity, Seattle, Washington.

Or taking a moment for lounging by the fireplace.

Reflection of a lazy day.

Reflection of a lazy day.

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What Encircles

Part of the charm of living in the Pacific Northwest is the amazing scenic views that surround us. Just drive a few hours away and you will find yourself exploring majestic mountains, arid deserts or the humid Puget Sound. I propose we rediscover our surroundings and let ourselves enjoy what encircles us. Sometimes the allure stems from looking close up, other times the wonder is discovered by taking a step back.

Alex Mendez driving through the Cascade Mountains and finds a forest that is echoed in the sky. posted in vistaalley.com

Driving through the Cascade mountains many times the view will surprise me. Here I see the forest echoed in the sky.

Dandelion Metamorphosis by Alex Mendez. Taking a close look at a change.

Close observation of a dandelion in metamorphosis.

A ferry ride sunset from Kingston to Edmonds by Alex Mendez. vistaalley.com

A sunset that brought peace and calmness to me {And I couldn’t stop taking photos of it}. This was taken on a ferry ride from Kingston to Edmonds.

Ferry ride from Sequim to Seattle, Air Vent by Alex Mendez. vistaalley.com

The warm hues of the sun played wonderfully with this rusty air vent.

New techniques in painting an creating. Open Your Heart by Alex Mendez

I’m taking an online art workshop. Now I find myself submerged in exploring and learning new art techniques.  

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Goodbye September

Phew…just before the month ends, a farewell to September with a new post. This month was full of living and experiencing it. A month of reorganizing, along with a bit of business and finished off with a dash of travel.

I got to visit The Filoli House and drool over their beautiful library, not to mention the rest of the historic house and famous garden. {That Baron Munchausen book is dated 1896!!}. If you ever find yourself in Woodside, California, just 30 minutes outside San Francisco, I highly recommend taking time to visit this grand country house. http://www.filoli.org/

During this month, although busy, I found it important to make time to create and listen to life’s little messages.

Every once in a while pausing to try little sweet indulgences. 

Yet always finding beauty in unexpected places. 

Opening my eyes to the window of what tomorrow will offer. So for now goodbye September and hello tomorrow!

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