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Interrupting the Grey

Strolling along the waterfront in Kirkland, Washington, once more I am surprised by finding something new and magnificent. As I stumble across this colorful and creative sculpture I am reminded that beauty is everywhere. What is most interesting is that we humans are drawn to beauty. We are drawn  to experience it and create it. We have different definitions of it, but no matter how different our view of beauty is, we are all mesmerized by it.

The grey is interrupted by a ray of color brought by the swirl of this sculpture.


“Dreaming of creation”. Isn’t art an extension of our feelings, our experiences, our thoughts?

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The photographs shared today are from Sonoma capturing uniqueness by changing the perspective. Sometimes looking closely at an object or changing my point of focus I’ll  find beauty and wonder to be unearthed.

As my journey in California for now ends I find myself discovering a new path, one of observation and creation. As I continue to share with you these findings, I hope to also hear from you, your thoughts, experiences and discoveries.

Looking at world with a different angle.



Noticing materials, colors and decomposition.

I had a difficult time finishing this piece. I tried to change my composition and materials. Only when adding color did the piece come together. Yellow for warmth and sun, and red for wine and adventure.


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